Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems to improve food security and farm income diversification in the Ethiopian highlands

Project Design Workshop

30 January - 2 February 2012, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Day 1 recap by Shirley Tarawali

Thinking and discussing about sustainable intensification
  • a range of views
  • on what this encompasses
  • on the extent to which it is ‘the’ or ‘a’ solution
  • everyone sees some value

Sustainable intensification in CGIAR research programs
  • In the project under discussion

  • markets important & integral part
  • private sector
  • some kind of ‘intensification gradient’ makes sense - how we define, that is much less clear

  • What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’?
  • Many times – broadening
  • Bay for project proponents is how to define success
  • Lots of ideas & possible metrics from Stan
  • Lined up with USAID priorities but health/nutrition missing
  • Catalyse? Synergies? Leverage? Alignment

Level of work, level of success indicators & time frame - yes we may impost on nutrition – but that may be an outcome further down the road – several years – what are the measurable steps for us to know we are leading the right way?

Leveraging & connecting with other programmes is essential – that is where there is significant resources to take research results to scale.
Over 70 projects & programmes in this rather small sub sample of R&D!