Africa RISING PCT meeting

10 December 2015
1600-1730 (EAT)


Boni Moyo (BM) - chair
Peter Thorne (PT)
Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon (IHZ)
Bernard van Lauwe (BvL)
Carlo Azzarri (CA)
Peter Ballantyne (PB) - notes
Jerry Glover (JG)

PCT page

  1. Phase 2 proposal process update
  2. Jan-April milestones and activities

Phase 2 proposal process update

Peter Thorne provided an update on the progress. We have an emerging document (minus 1 draft) with some gaps to fill. Useful now to decide who works on them.

Quick comments on sections:

section 3 - vision of success: Comment that the figure provides a good framework but the the final will need impact targets, overall and per region/country. We assume each of the region projects will have their own versions.
section 4 - ToC section. PT and BV to continue.
section 5 - phase 2 to phase 2. All to comment
section 6 - Research questions. PT BV and JG to work on these.
section 7.3 - Others. Need partnerships and capacity dev sections here? Boni to draft on partnerships
section 10. Need to link to FTF high level incomes + climate change
Note: Somewhere we have text on each cross-cutting SI assessment domain framework domains/as headings. Also links to the SI areas impact pathways, research questions
section 11 - carlo to update
section 13 - PeterB to update from washington DC notes

Next steps.milestones [SEE THIS NEW PAGE]
  • 31 Dec for next version
  • writing team to come together - in march at latest - peters' to coordinate

  • should regional projects follow this umbrella structure? PT developed an outline. maybe not identical.
  • Focus on beneficary households or individuals? – Carlo to clarify from FTF indiactors and advise