Africa RISING PCT meeting

14 April 2016


Siboniso Moyo (SM) - chair
Peter Thorne (PT)
Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon (IHZ)
Carlo Azzarri (CA)
Peter Ballantyne (PB)

Apologies: Bernard; Jerry

PCT page


1. Phase 2 proposal development
Topic: Umbrella document: good results from the writeshop.
Now following up different parts and sections: phase 1 lessons and achievements (maybe derive these from the regional projects as synthesis. Need to complete these for all regional projects. Need M&E and comms projects also); Research questions need a final review then ok). leave out research questions on scaling.
Action: BVL to finalise research questions
Action: James to synthesize lessons and achivements from pahse 1 into umbrella proposal (from other projects)
Topic: Regional project proposals. ESA almost final; Ethiopia almost final draft; WA still developing
Topic: M&E scope of work agreed with USAID (May 2015).
Action: CA to contact Jerry to confirm process, steps etc. 3 project M&E/data specialists from IFPRI to be recruited - ghana, tanzania, ethiopia; and WA project to co-finance a 4th one. needs to be in new scope of work.
Action: Need a small separate scope of work for comms at program level. Need a budget. PB.
Action: Include outline budgets for the Jerry proposals.
Action: BM to check with Jerry for final submission dates/calendar. see milestones

2. Status and plans for of SI indicators' list and framework
Action: PT to follow up with Jerry on status and testing, etc. Check if we have a framework or not. Need framework soon if we we aim to include this in next planting season, next phase.

3. Future arrangements for ILRI-CKAN data hosting
PT: Platform will be supported etc. Option to use it remains. If decide to continue, need to include budget for it.
CA: consider migrating to IFPRI dataverse. Some small technical fixes needed.
IHZ: have as little disruption as possible.
Action: PT check likely costs with Jame Poole.
Action: Take a final decision after big data meeting - CA to produce a short guidance piece.

4. Updates on Typologies process
Discussed progress and activities and possible directions.
Action: regional projects provide feedback to Carlo from the typologies reports

5. Updates from ongoing external evaluation process
IHZ: preliminary reports with USAID. Wait for info from Jerry.

6. Major project milestones to the end of the year
Proposal submission
semi-annual reports by end May
early december launch/end of phase science event?
ESA annual meeting 30 june - 2 july, dar es salaam. Use it to review the whole first phase; and use days 2 and 3 to write papers.
If phase 2 proposed; work planning meetings in sep?
If phase 2 does not happen, would organize 'exiting' events/activities

7. Proposal for a phase 1 synthesis product (PB)
Action: PB update the milestones/roadmap and tentative and circulate for final approval

8. Other business