Africa RISING PCT meeting

23 September 2016


Siboniso Moyo (SM) - chair
Peter Thorne (PT)
Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon (IHZ)
Carlo Azzarri (CA)
Bernard Vanlauwe (BV)
Peter Ballantyne (PB)

PCT page


1. Plans for the science event, 17-19 Jan 2017 (half day friday for PCT)
Would be good to plan around Jerry/USAID availability. as far as possible
Dar es Salaam (WhiteSands if possible)
3 days
Synthesis phase 1 / launch phase 2
  • Show and tell the research, for/by project staff
  • Share technology briefs / draft final products [beyond presentations]; with some 'writeshopping'
  • Cross-project collaboration
  • COPs set up
  • Some of the strategic partners (SI lab, ILSSI lab, LIvestock lab, N2Africa, USAID missions...?); for phase 2 synergies and collaborations
  • field trips?
  • half a day or so for M&E? data, PMMT
  • SI indicators etc
  • PCT half day additional
  • harvesting the stories/evidence and impact

science partners
participants - want broad representation
organizing group

2. Synthesis product
progressing, slowly, target end december, final and printed.

3. HT systems marketplace event in Ibadan in November
will deliver a presentation on systems research.
contribute tools, methods in a world cafe/poster session
important venue for AR systems work to feed into the new CRPs
Irmgard to lead the engagement

4. Plans for Program planning meetings
ESA: 5-8 Oct 2016, Malawi
WA: week of 23 Jan 2017, Ghana
ET: week of 28 Nov 2016

5. Next PCT meeting
first week of Nov - PB/BM Doodle

Important for AR to engage in TAAT and related AFDB programs

Which CRP will AR align to?
others: MAIZE