Africa RISING PCT meeting

12 December 2016


Bernard Vanlauwe (BV) - chair
Siboniso Moyo (SM)
Peter Thorne (PT)
Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon (IHZ)
Carlo Azzarri (CA)
Jerry Glover (JG)
Peter Ballantyne (PB)

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  1. COP proposals: Based on what Irmgard already circulated in October, so we can present and finalise a proposal at the Dar meeting. Bernard to manage this item..

structure: have a few COPs to start; keep them a bit informal; work with champions; have budget and supporting resources; have connections to SAG; keep the program-wide approach; PCT as coordination/management. Start with AR only folks, maybe extend later (a COP could invite some other individuals as needed).

formality: Start with some guided informal champions and networks to see how they work; with reporting/structure later. Ensure recognition/support for the COPs as well as attention to what they produce. Needs to be some assignment of deliverables/resources to make sure they work. Not rely only on voluntary commitment.

tor: we need to have TORs. Help to improve the science protocols. contribute to common strategies on different issues (eg, nutrition). Avoid overlap/competition with chief scientists etc. but they need to have some agreed deliverables and outputs.

topics: there are many possible themes. Start with between 2 and 4 to start with. Choice of champions/themes hand in hand. If the COPs have deliverable and resources, these choices can be guided. Start from the most critical common problems across the programs. Need to have some ready to propose before the Dar event. Carlo, Peter T and Irmgard to make a first proposal of themes by end of the year.

leadership and resources: need some resources; need champions; low cost. various possibilities already covered.

membership: representation from all the projects; start internal with possible externals as desired/needed;

outputs uptake into AR planning: depends on the deliverables and outputs and their value-add. Clarify when we can see what they have produced.

peter t, irmgard, carlo to outline themes 31 Dec 2016
Revised proposal by Bernard before the Dar meeting
discuss in Dar and initiate first round of COPs and champions.

2. SAG proposals: Peter T and Irmgard to propose ways forward
We need to revise the TORs, not massive task; including links to COPs
1 face to face and 1 virtual meeting per year
Pay honorarium; USD 2k per year plus meeting costs
5 members about right providing diversity
Who/candidates: we still have 3 members: Moses, Salvador, Paul Winter. Do we retain or replace these?

review the TORs among PCT
all members review the membership, the criteria, and identify candidate members

3 Draft agenda for science meeting and associated plans. Peter B to provide updates
Move the phase 2 sessions to day 1?
Template ok

4 Next PCT meeting in Dar es Salaam, afternoon of 19 January. Agenda items to include:
  • PCT TOR - update
  • Program Assistant TOR - decide
  • SAG TOR - decide
  • SAG membership - decide
  • Reflect on the Dar meeting
  • COP next steps
  • re-look at parked agenda items from previous PCTs