Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems to improve food security and farm income diversification in the Ethiopian highlands
Project Design Workshop
30 January - 2 February 2012, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Alignment and synergies across programs (group work)

This workshop provides an opportunity for a broad group of important stakeholders to both learn about the project plans and to share their views on expectations from and opportunities for synergies with the project (days 1 and 2) and for the core project team to finalize the project details (days 3 and 4).

We collected very brief information on more than 70 projects/initiatives.

Download the project list here (xls)

We also discussed the question in groups (crops, livestock, markets, systems/NRM) ; 'How can 'this' project (our one) align and connect with other projects in the sector.


- what can we learn from others in terms of this intensification gradient? eg the safety net project? ag growth program?
- all of the projects have much diagnostic information (gaps, problems, etc) that we can feed into our design

- what are the criteria to use to select crop improvement interventions?
- eg high biomass (for fodder); suitable varieties for straw improvement; biofortification? improving the quality of seed? improving quality of the grain (for health)?
- to work on dual purpose crops in the system (food, feed ...)
- work on water efficient varieties
- work on nitrogen fixing crops/legumes that are economically viable for small farmers
- work on processing quality of crops
- heat and drought tolerant varieties
- these criteria to be used to id/select existing research that can be capitalized on
- we need an inventory of the technologies/components before the project takes off

- need to tie into the outcomes of existing systems projects
- need to attend to issues around the scale - farner, household, landscape etc
- we can pick up on existing/emrging outputs and outcomes and build on them; 'quick wins'
- better understand the decision making processes of farmers.

- a stepwise process; zoom in on and define target areas; stratify according to variables (eg gradient, ag potential, market access etc); leading to potential sites to work
- decide on scoring criteria (eg representativeness, potential for impact, existing collaborators); leading to a top 3 or a top 5 sites.

Markets group did not meet ... GAP
we also need to focus on Nutrition ... GAP