Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems to improve food security and farm income diversification in the Ethiopian highlands
Project Design Workshop
30 January - 2 February 2012, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Group work: assumptions and outcomes

This workshop provides an opportunity for a broad group of important stakeholders to both learn about the project plans and to share their views on expectations from and opportunities for synergies with the project (days 1 and 2) and for the core project team to finalize the project details (days 3 and 4).

Presentation by Charles:

Outcomes presented:
  • Sustainable increase of landscape productivity;
  • Improved landscape natural resource management;
  • Increased resilience of farming systems and target pops (Target population/TP; esp. women and children) to adverse environmental (e.g. climatic) and economic changes);
  • Enhance livelihoods (e.g. food security) of the TP;
  • Increased participation of the TP in the market opportunities and tech adoption;
  • Enhanced human and institutional capacity in research and extension (broadly defined) for sustainable intensification.

Our hypotheses morphed into assumptions.
We only added 2 (scales) to the outcomes mentioned in Ghana.

  • How to scale out? we need to include knowledge management for this!
  • In contrast to previous presentation there is no explicit reference to nutrition here.

Next step: there will be a writing group that will take this further.