Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems to improve food security and farm income diversification in the Ethiopian highlands
Project Design Workshop
30 January - 2 February 2012, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Buzz group and feedback day 1

This workshop provides an opportunity for a broad group of important stakeholders to both learn about the project plans and to share their views on expectations from and opportunities for synergies with the project (days 1 and 2) and for the core project team to finalize the project details (days 3 and 4).

iain - likes
useful to see all the CRP linkages
useful overview

iain - gaps
not possible to link with each and everyone; need to select which is most relevant, and which sites most relevant. prioritizaton
private sector partners not mentioned
did not yet zoom into the ET highlands

shirley - likes
like the element of 'cultural change'; involving all stakeholders
nicely aligned

shirley - gaps
trees seem to be missing
climate change not enough?
legumes not secondary crops!
water management missing?
need to identify the unit of interventions, households, communities?
need to clearly state what's unique and novel
value chain issues?
markets for ecosystems services?
gender issues
need to focus on several major components, or will be too broad?

shirley: challenge is to focus on a small (mixed) subset and also intersect with other projects and opportunities

stan - gaps
what we measure in w africa can't be a template for here
what are we really measuring - numbers - or ...
main focus seems to be ex-ante, not clear what we will measure on the impact side?
what about issues around social processes?
missing some connections with how to measure the intensification gradient?
what about diversification; longer term sustainability indicators?
how to address (and measure) the prioirities of the government, and of the farmers
what's the driving force for the intensification .. land productivity, water availability/productivity, ...
pretty large gap/disconnect between the indicators/approach and what was presented by Iain and Shirley.

stan: tension between not having too many indicators and better understanding very complex subject/issues. How are we going to capture, eg social capital? Got to have really good a priori thinking about theories of change; then chop down into what you can actually do.